söndag 29 maj 2016

space / christmas themed OTT outfits

i would not dress like this today but i had a lot of fun doing it then! don't be afraid to experiment. led lights? put them in your hair!!! tinsel? put it in your hair!! PUT IT EVERYWHWERE!!! And dont care what others think, if you like it, wear it! To people who dont know what lolita is we all look like costumey freaks anyway so whatever. 
But please learn from my mistakes and listen to constructive criticism from people who want to help you, dont be a rude bitch like i was, haha. No one is perfect and epsecially no coord is perfect! There is always room for improvement. But that doesnt mean you can be happy about they way you look anyway? Long rant i dont know what i am saying anymore

xoxo // hot_mess_1990

A very berry christmas

I wanted to share a coordiante i did around last christmas, using my very summery strawberry parlor dress. The print features milkshakes and cherries, not a very wintery themes! But since the colors of christmas were there, i challenged myself to make it work and it kinda did? I think?

Unfortunately inside of these presents there is not much at all - but they are very cute to put on your head! I just wrapped an empty plastic box in wrapping paper, tied a fabric ribbon around it and then gueld an alligator clip to the bottom. voila! christmas feeling to a very summery dress! Also i used these tiny golden baubles, just pinned them with bobby pins into the wig!

To match the baubles I wore gold shoes, gold milk heart bag and glued some star confetti under my eyes. also a good tip is get a big glitter can for cheap at a childrens store and dip a brush in eyelash glue, then the glitter, put on your eyes and voila! Cheap glittery fabulousness. I also dip my nail polish brush in it and put the same glitter on my nails, it works just as fine.

Wearing lolita to work?

So i study to be an extended school teacher, but i also have time to work part time as a teacher for 12 year olds which is so much fun! I like to work in lolita since it brightens not only my day but also the kids and my colleagues.

I took these pics to show you how i dress down a more OTT outfit to a more mature and teacher-y coord. I took of the bows and pony tails to instead add a beret. All extra accessories stayed at home and so did the poofiest petticoats. Being able to move freely is the most important of course. 

These two coords i also wore to work, one inspired by old school and one by otome kei. Both these outfits were super comfortable! I wore my sweet cream house jsk by Angelic Pretty as a skirt so it got a bit longer, and also a lot easier to move in since i'm a bit too big for it otherwise. I also like to add accent ribbons in another color to my dresses to tie in some other colors! These red ribbons were attetched to a baby JSK but they were falling off so i removed them and sewed safety pins on them, so now i can wear them on any dress! 

Two ways of using my versatile and comfortable Alice doll house Jsk by Baby the stars shine bright! I love the soft pink color paired with brown, it makes it great for casual coordinates! The top coord i wore it with comfy mymelody boots and a warm knitted 60's sweater. The bottom coord i curled my own hair and used a beret. Did i tell you i love berets? they make your outfit look more chic and mature in no time! Also you dont need to fix your hair that much since it will be hidden. Yay.

Last but not least, i like to experiment with my hair when i go to work too! I love these cherry clips, i use them almost every day. i got them on ebay for super cheap, i ordered about 20 pairs, haha! Dont be afraid to try braids or learn new ways of doing your hair on youtube etc. Have fun!

A little update

Since i last wrote i have gotten a roomie, my friend Melwiin moved in with me a couple of weeks ago. Now we are two sweet lolitas living in 42 square metres, in a one room apartment. There's wigs, cute prints, tsum tsums, plush pony bags and petticoats scattered around the room. Its a very cute mess.

Any other updates on my life? I work during the afternoons in a school, but i still wear lolita to work some of the days, the kids and my colleagues love it! Of course nothing too over the top, a cutsew OP and flat shoes, minimum poof and a cardigan is usually what i go for.

I have been working with our newly founded association J-fashion Sweden, by and for enthusiasts of japanese fashions! It is free to become a member and we will do lots of fun things, next big event is Närcon this summer so be sure to join us to get our member/news letter and not miss anything fun!

I was just updating my wardrobe list since i have made my final orders with my shopping service. Then i discovered this blog! I had completely forgotten about it! I am sure i will forget it again since i am very bad at keeping track of these type of things, but i will make sure to log in here and post some times anyway, as a way for me to keep track of my lolita related things in life.

torsdag 12 november 2015

last weeks looks

tried on this coord for a day at the museum with friends, but i ended up wearing another jsk instead. since this is so tight on me that i get angry from wearing it. i hate feeling that i cant move! im far too much of an energetic person for that. i guess i need to cut down on the beer he he he. 
the inspiration today was bunnies!

Jsk, bonnet: angelic pretty
bag: milk
Bunny ears, bunny bag: btssb

wooow i was so hungover and i overslept, i hope this explains why i look like such a hot mess? i can do nothing but laugh at this coord. maybe i was still drunk when i put it together? 

jsk, bag: angelic pretty
headbow, bonnet, cape, cutsew: btssb


yas lets go to school! and then to a vintage garage sale! this was my first jsk, now in an attempt to make it look less old school coorded with brown and gold!

cutsew: angelic pretty
jsk, headbow: btssb
bag: milk
shoes: antaina


outfit on point! i got this cute knit at the garage sale and i wanted a wintery coord for another visit at a royal museum where my friend was working. also the entrance was free. thank you the king who died whoever you were! i even styled my own hair, it felt great to not wear a wig.

headdress: metamorphose
jsk, accessories: angelic pretty
bag: milk
shoes: btssb

hnng not really lolita. but i will post this anyway- its my blog so fuck yall. 
i wore this to go to have dinner with my fellow classmates from uni. a guy in the street asked me how much i charged for the night. i pulled out my headphones, and just stared at him as if he was a public toilet which hadn't been cleaned since the 1950´s. he left. success.

entire outfit: from a stripper store, apparently

i let my inner lone lolita out to play this day. in church there was a great concert but none of my friends wanted to go so i had to sit there alone. i cried, butbecause the music was so incredibly beautiful! one of the composers were arvo pärt and i reeeeally love him! also i got free entrance because i looked under 18. suckers.

headbow, jsk: btssb
bag: milk
shoes: bodyline

it was a rainy boring day so i dressed up old school for my school. 
i only go there to wear my outfits anyway.

cape, umbrella, cutsew, jsk, headbow: btssb
bonnet, shoes: angelic pretty
bag: metamorphose 


I wanted to make a list of all the nice things that you can do in case you want to engage in the lifestyle a bit more.
But first, what is the lolita lifestyle? Do we sit around all day in pink frilly dresses with nothing but air in our heads, while we're not busy sacrificing itas to misako?

I could go on and on about what i think about the so called lifestyle.
Each lolita is different and so are their views on what makes a lifestyle "lolita". Some would say it is just clothes and that is of course perfectly fine. But i just cant help but romanticizing the idea of wearing flowy nightgowns to bed, gazing at the horizon for your prince or having your chamber maid comb your hair. I still want to be a princess.
This of course would never be my reality. I am a loud, messy, often pretty drunken girl who more often find herself in cheap bars than going on visits to castles. Also i think i would grow incredibly bored if i were to gaze at some old prince all day long.

But it doesnt hurt to pretend sometimes? I think the most important thing in life is playing, since it is so closely connected to creativity. Playing with clothes, identities, or just with friends at parties. Playing can sometimes be even more serious than reality. Why should we stop playing just because we grow up?
Lets play pretend for a while. Through playing you will find your way of being the protagonist of your inner self. Because when you play, nothing can be wrong! And it gives you the freedom to try out how you want your fairytale to become true.
Anyone can be a princess in their own story, regardless of gender, ethnicity, body type or age. That, for me, is what the lolita lifestyle is about.

måndag 2 november 2015

Some coords from the past week

My mother was visiting this weekend but i was working all weekend! Still felt like putting on something nice (even though she just laughs at my clothes) so i wore my comfiest clothes and just chilled in the couch with her poodle. I thought poodles were supposed to pose and be cute. He didn't.

Cutsew dress, shoes: Baby the stars shine bright
Bag, pearl chain, choker: Angelic Pretty

On saturday i wore my blackest velvet dress for participating in a lolita meet/ghost walk! I really recommend going if you come to Stockholm since you get to walk through old town with a guide dressed in 1800's clothes, who scares little kids and makes you taste dried rat meat. Mostly they tell stories about historical events which actually took place, but much scarier! 

Shoes: Bodyline
Headbow: Baby
Bag: AP

My new wig arrived! Instead of putting it on i took the fresh pony tail clip ons and mixed them into my old wig to make it EVEN BIGGER!!!! It's this one from dream holic, but.. twice as big. I wore this to attend a class at university, my 92 year old grand mother was worried that my teachers wouldnt let me in. Bitch I'm 95 kgs, I'd like to see them try. 

Jsk, accessories: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Milk
Shoes: Bodyline

Something i wore to go to school just to finish my paintings. I love red tartan! Tried a bit simpler outfit, usually i just look like my headbow box exploded on my head. It was nice for a change!

Jsk, blouse, headbow, cape: Baby
Bag: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline

Wore this to school, and then invited some of my friends from school to my place where we cooked and drank lots of wine. I dont know if it is because they are all male or if thats a myth, but every time i try to keep up with their drinking i fail. Anyway i looked hella cute in my apron when i was cooking! The little pearls in my hair are from ebay and super cheap! Find them here. 

Jsk: Angelic pretty
Accessories: Offbrand, Moon Bunny
Apron, shoes: Bodyline

I worked the entire weekend so i dressed up on monday instead! I was inspired to make a wintery coord with my manchester piece from Angelic Pretty. It is super old! I wanted a bear head dress but had none, what to do? First i put half of my pony tails up in a bun. Then i took my fur headdress and simply pinned the big powder puff pins as ears on top of my ponytails! To balance the coord i used huge white platforms since i was so white on my head too. Some pearls for a snowy look and tadaa!

Jsk, cutsew, (valetta used as waistbow): Angelic Pretty
Powder puff clips: Eyecandy
Kumyakumya bag: Baby
Headdress: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline