torsdag 12 november 2015


I wanted to make a list of all the nice things that you can do in case you want to engage in the lifestyle a bit more.
But first, what is the lolita lifestyle? Do we sit around all day in pink frilly dresses with nothing but air in our heads, while we're not busy sacrificing itas to misako?

I could go on and on about what i think about the so called lifestyle.
Each lolita is different and so are their views on what makes a lifestyle "lolita". Some would say it is just clothes and that is of course perfectly fine. But i just cant help but romanticizing the idea of wearing flowy nightgowns to bed, gazing at the horizon for your prince or having your chamber maid comb your hair. I still want to be a princess.
This of course would never be my reality. I am a loud, messy, often pretty drunken girl who more often find herself in cheap bars than going on visits to castles. Also i think i would grow incredibly bored if i were to gaze at some old prince all day long.

But it doesnt hurt to pretend sometimes? I think the most important thing in life is playing, since it is so closely connected to creativity. Playing with clothes, identities, or just with friends at parties. Playing can sometimes be even more serious than reality. Why should we stop playing just because we grow up?
Lets play pretend for a while. Through playing you will find your way of being the protagonist of your inner self. Because when you play, nothing can be wrong! And it gives you the freedom to try out how you want your fairytale to become true.
Anyone can be a princess in their own story, regardless of gender, ethnicity, body type or age. That, for me, is what the lolita lifestyle is about.

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