söndag 29 maj 2016

space / christmas themed OTT outfits

i would not dress like this today but i had a lot of fun doing it then! don't be afraid to experiment. led lights? put them in your hair!!! tinsel? put it in your hair!! PUT IT EVERYWHWERE!!! And dont care what others think, if you like it, wear it! To people who dont know what lolita is we all look like costumey freaks anyway so whatever. 
But please learn from my mistakes and listen to constructive criticism from people who want to help you, dont be a rude bitch like i was, haha. No one is perfect and epsecially no coord is perfect! There is always room for improvement. But that doesnt mean you can be happy about they way you look anyway? Long rant i dont know what i am saying anymore

xoxo // hot_mess_1990

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