söndag 29 maj 2016

A very berry christmas

I wanted to share a coordiante i did around last christmas, using my very summery strawberry parlor dress. The print features milkshakes and cherries, not a very wintery themes! But since the colors of christmas were there, i challenged myself to make it work and it kinda did? I think?

Unfortunately inside of these presents there is not much at all - but they are very cute to put on your head! I just wrapped an empty plastic box in wrapping paper, tied a fabric ribbon around it and then gueld an alligator clip to the bottom. voila! christmas feeling to a very summery dress! Also i used these tiny golden baubles, just pinned them with bobby pins into the wig!

To match the baubles I wore gold shoes, gold milk heart bag and glued some star confetti under my eyes. also a good tip is get a big glitter can for cheap at a childrens store and dip a brush in eyelash glue, then the glitter, put on your eyes and voila! Cheap glittery fabulousness. I also dip my nail polish brush in it and put the same glitter on my nails, it works just as fine.

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