söndag 29 maj 2016

Wearing lolita to work?

So i study to be an extended school teacher, but i also have time to work part time as a teacher for 12 year olds which is so much fun! I like to work in lolita since it brightens not only my day but also the kids and my colleagues.

I took these pics to show you how i dress down a more OTT outfit to a more mature and teacher-y coord. I took of the bows and pony tails to instead add a beret. All extra accessories stayed at home and so did the poofiest petticoats. Being able to move freely is the most important of course. 

These two coords i also wore to work, one inspired by old school and one by otome kei. Both these outfits were super comfortable! I wore my sweet cream house jsk by Angelic Pretty as a skirt so it got a bit longer, and also a lot easier to move in since i'm a bit too big for it otherwise. I also like to add accent ribbons in another color to my dresses to tie in some other colors! These red ribbons were attetched to a baby JSK but they were falling off so i removed them and sewed safety pins on them, so now i can wear them on any dress! 

Two ways of using my versatile and comfortable Alice doll house Jsk by Baby the stars shine bright! I love the soft pink color paired with brown, it makes it great for casual coordinates! The top coord i wore it with comfy mymelody boots and a warm knitted 60's sweater. The bottom coord i curled my own hair and used a beret. Did i tell you i love berets? they make your outfit look more chic and mature in no time! Also you dont need to fix your hair that much since it will be hidden. Yay.

Last but not least, i like to experiment with my hair when i go to work too! I love these cherry clips, i use them almost every day. i got them on ebay for super cheap, i ordered about 20 pairs, haha! Dont be afraid to try braids or learn new ways of doing your hair on youtube etc. Have fun!

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