torsdag 12 november 2015

last weeks looks

tried on this coord for a day at the museum with friends, but i ended up wearing another jsk instead. since this is so tight on me that i get angry from wearing it. i hate feeling that i cant move! im far too much of an energetic person for that. i guess i need to cut down on the beer he he he. 
the inspiration today was bunnies!

Jsk, bonnet: angelic pretty
bag: milk
Bunny ears, bunny bag: btssb

wooow i was so hungover and i overslept, i hope this explains why i look like such a hot mess? i can do nothing but laugh at this coord. maybe i was still drunk when i put it together? 

jsk, bag: angelic pretty
headbow, bonnet, cape, cutsew: btssb


yas lets go to school! and then to a vintage garage sale! this was my first jsk, now in an attempt to make it look less old school coorded with brown and gold!

cutsew: angelic pretty
jsk, headbow: btssb
bag: milk
shoes: antaina


outfit on point! i got this cute knit at the garage sale and i wanted a wintery coord for another visit at a royal museum where my friend was working. also the entrance was free. thank you the king who died whoever you were! i even styled my own hair, it felt great to not wear a wig.

headdress: metamorphose
jsk, accessories: angelic pretty
bag: milk
shoes: btssb

hnng not really lolita. but i will post this anyway- its my blog so fuck yall. 
i wore this to go to have dinner with my fellow classmates from uni. a guy in the street asked me how much i charged for the night. i pulled out my headphones, and just stared at him as if he was a public toilet which hadn't been cleaned since the 1950´s. he left. success.

entire outfit: from a stripper store, apparently

i let my inner lone lolita out to play this day. in church there was a great concert but none of my friends wanted to go so i had to sit there alone. i cried, butbecause the music was so incredibly beautiful! one of the composers were arvo pärt and i reeeeally love him! also i got free entrance because i looked under 18. suckers.

headbow, jsk: btssb
bag: milk
shoes: bodyline

it was a rainy boring day so i dressed up old school for my school. 
i only go there to wear my outfits anyway.

cape, umbrella, cutsew, jsk, headbow: btssb
bonnet, shoes: angelic pretty
bag: metamorphose 

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