måndag 2 november 2015

Some coords from the past week

My mother was visiting this weekend but i was working all weekend! Still felt like putting on something nice (even though she just laughs at my clothes) so i wore my comfiest clothes and just chilled in the couch with her poodle. I thought poodles were supposed to pose and be cute. He didn't.

Cutsew dress, shoes: Baby the stars shine bright
Bag, pearl chain, choker: Angelic Pretty

On saturday i wore my blackest velvet dress for participating in a lolita meet/ghost walk! I really recommend going if you come to Stockholm since you get to walk through old town with a guide dressed in 1800's clothes, who scares little kids and makes you taste dried rat meat. Mostly they tell stories about historical events which actually took place, but much scarier! 

Shoes: Bodyline
Headbow: Baby
Bag: AP

My new wig arrived! Instead of putting it on i took the fresh pony tail clip ons and mixed them into my old wig to make it EVEN BIGGER!!!! It's this one from dream holic, but.. twice as big. I wore this to attend a class at university, my 92 year old grand mother was worried that my teachers wouldnt let me in. Bitch I'm 95 kgs, I'd like to see them try. 

Jsk, accessories: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Milk
Shoes: Bodyline

Something i wore to go to school just to finish my paintings. I love red tartan! Tried a bit simpler outfit, usually i just look like my headbow box exploded on my head. It was nice for a change!

Jsk, blouse, headbow, cape: Baby
Bag: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline

Wore this to school, and then invited some of my friends from school to my place where we cooked and drank lots of wine. I dont know if it is because they are all male or if thats a myth, but every time i try to keep up with their drinking i fail. Anyway i looked hella cute in my apron when i was cooking! The little pearls in my hair are from ebay and super cheap! Find them here. 

Jsk: Angelic pretty
Accessories: Offbrand, Moon Bunny
Apron, shoes: Bodyline

I worked the entire weekend so i dressed up on monday instead! I was inspired to make a wintery coord with my manchester piece from Angelic Pretty. It is super old! I wanted a bear head dress but had none, what to do? First i put half of my pony tails up in a bun. Then i took my fur headdress and simply pinned the big powder puff pins as ears on top of my ponytails! To balance the coord i used huge white platforms since i was so white on my head too. Some pearls for a snowy look and tadaa!

Jsk, cutsew, (valetta used as waistbow): Angelic Pretty
Powder puff clips: Eyecandy
Kumyakumya bag: Baby
Headdress: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline 

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