söndag 29 maj 2016

A little update

Since i last wrote i have gotten a roomie, my friend Melwiin moved in with me a couple of weeks ago. Now we are two sweet lolitas living in 42 square metres, in a one room apartment. There's wigs, cute prints, tsum tsums, plush pony bags and petticoats scattered around the room. Its a very cute mess.

Any other updates on my life? I work during the afternoons in a school, but i still wear lolita to work some of the days, the kids and my colleagues love it! Of course nothing too over the top, a cutsew OP and flat shoes, minimum poof and a cardigan is usually what i go for.

I have been working with our newly founded association J-fashion Sweden, by and for enthusiasts of japanese fashions! It is free to become a member and we will do lots of fun things, next big event is Närcon this summer so be sure to join us to get our member/news letter and not miss anything fun!

I was just updating my wardrobe list since i have made my final orders with my shopping service. Then i discovered this blog! I had completely forgotten about it! I am sure i will forget it again since i am very bad at keeping track of these type of things, but i will make sure to log in here and post some times anyway, as a way for me to keep track of my lolita related things in life.

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