måndag 2 november 2015

Painting a Fancy box

I study to be a what we call "free-time-teacher" which i have no idea how to translate, but basically i will work with keeping the kids off the streets until their parents pick them up from school. 
It's a three year long education at university but this semester feels like vacation since all we do is art & music. We have tried a lot of technicues, from graphic printing to sculpturing. 
But since art supplies are not something that i just go and buy every day, i took the oppurtunity to paint something for me as well, not only for my teachers.

I chose this motif, since i wanted something simple and cute by angelic pretty. And fancy box is one of my favourite prints! It makes me happy every time i look at it, the plushies remind me of 50's toys!

Last time i wore my fancy box jsk it was for the Stockholm pride parade this summer. It's a shame, i really need to wear it more often! I am imagining a coord with bunny ears and lots of fluffy accessories as we speak!

So this is the process from beginning to end. I actually like the above image a lot, it's so soft. Maybe the result i have now is a bit over done? Maybe i need to... overdo it a bit more? 

I will propably hang this in my home somewhere, and maybe paint another smaller painting that goes with it? What should it be? The bunny from the same print maybe? Am i a terrible artist since i only want to paint pictures that matches my interior at home?

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