söndag 1 november 2015

Let's start at the very beginning

A very good place to start!
Who is so stupid that she decides to start blogging in 2015 anyway, when it's all about twitter and facebook? Who is so crazy that she thinks anoyone would be interested in reading more than 140 characters on twitter? Who writes in english even though she sucks at it?

Tadaaa, its me! A nostalgic, rambling girl with such a big passion for lolita fashion that i now decided to quit letting bad confidence stop me from doing what i love most: diving head first into a frivolous world of frills, lace, drama, cupcakes, teddybears, itas and petticoats.
I want to document my lolita life in the form of a blog. I have kept journals since i was 6 years old and i still love looking back at the pages from my life. Th reason i want to do this as a blog is because i believe that other people with an interest in lolita fashion will be inspired by my posts.

What will i write about?
Since i am a chubby flabby marshmallow puff i propably will focus on how to wear lolita if you dont fit into standard japanese sizes. I have been into the fashion for twelve years now so there will be nostalgic old school-throwbacks, i promise. I will write about how you best fight off scary old men in the subway with a hello kitty pepper spray, how to wash stains off your precious brand, and other survival guides that are must-haves for all lolitas! My ambition is to keep things interesting for more than just myself, even if this will be a document of my daily life. To be inspired by every day events to make posts that everyone can enjoy!

Who am i then?
I was born 25 years ago in Sweden where i grew up in an academic home. I turned out to be quite a little besserwisser, who never really fitted in with the others since i hated fashion, make up and boys - but loved building treehouses and playing in the forest.
I moved to the north of sweden where i started studying music, where a new friend introduced me to the book FRUiTS (pictures above) by Shoichi Aoki when i was 13.

I had a Momoko experience, the old me was slain and i spent hours at my grandmothers computer with slowly loading pages of baby the stars shine bright. To think, that clothes could be something to express who you are with! It was pure magic.

18 year old me in a very questionable outfit

Time went on, i studied art, got very self destructive and depressed, and everything else that a normal teenage girl should go through. Then i moved to Luxembourg for a year to work as an au pair, where i learned that the world actually did not revolve around me!
Finally. I quit sobbing and from the money i earned as a waitress i started to build up my wardrobe, as well as my life.

25 year old me on a lolita cruise to finland. a lil bit drunk maybe

Now i live in the pinkest of apartments in the middle of Stockholm where i study to be a teacher for children. I drink too much beer and smoke way too many cigarettes, i dont work out as much as i should (read: never).
When i have time off i spend it with friends or watch netflix, i paint and make plans on how to take over the world and smash the patriarchy. I play the piano. Sometimes i work at a cafe. I love to travel alone. When i see dogs i smile and i have to really restrain myself from petting every single one i see.
Lolita-wise i have a wardrobe of around 30 main pieces, and how often i actually wear it depends on my mood. But i still spend waaaay to much money on it, and most of my time too. Which i am more than happy to do, since this silly fashion is my biggest passion in life!

Thats about it. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

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